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Jennifer Kramer, P.M.E.
Founder, Owner & Clinical Director

As a teenager, Jennifer Kramer struggled with acne and tried numerous treatments and products over the years- including regular facials, dry ice therapy, cortisone shots, and Accutane- nothing worked. Because of this, she decided to dedicate her life to increasing 'confidence through clarity', and in 1996- Corrective Skincare LA was born.

With more than 27 years experience, she has a specific focus on acne, scarring and hyper-pigmentation, and she has a vast knowledge of chemical therapy for problem skin of all skin types and ethnic backgrounds.

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Sophie Bull, P.M.E.
Encino Sr. Paramedical Esthetician

Sophie Bull was born and raised in Berkshire, England. ​Having always been passionate about skincare, it felt a ​natural path for her to attend The Henley College to study Esthetics​ where she graduated as an Esthetician.


Sophie relocated to beautiful California in 2013 and joined Corrective Skincare in 2015. Having ​cleared her own skin when she suffered with acne​ as a teenager, Sophie was eager to join the Corrective Skincare team​.


She​ is looking forward to working with her clients to improve their skin conditions and increase their self confidence.

Hannah Land, P.M.E.
Santa Monica Sr. Paramedical Esthetician

Hannah Land grew up in the San Francisco Bay and made the move to Santa Monica in 2016. After spending years as a personal assistant she decided it was time to pursue her passions of skincare and become a licensed esthetician. Suffering from severe acne as a pre-adolescent and well into her adult years, she became obsessed with clearing and correcting all types of skin issues.


In Hannah's free time you can catch her biking around Santa Monica, taking photos of sunsets and dining at all the great restaurants on her new city. 

Maddie Marcus, P.M.E.
Santa Monica Paramedical Esthetician

Maddie is a true Southern California girl, born and raised in sunny Los Angeles. After graduating from University of Wisconsin - Madison, she returned to LA and worked in the corporate world for several years, first in social media and then in skincare and cosmetics manufacturing. Maddie had always had a passion for skincare and helping others, so she decided to enroll in Esthetician school to learn and understand the many intricacies of the skin. She loves to educate and collaborate with clients, allowing them to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Sarah Moon
Marketing & Brand Manager

With a degree in Biology from the College of Charleston, Sarah first began her career in the medical field. After being diagnosed with skin cancer in her early 20s, she completely immersed herself in the world of skin health and learning the science behind skincare products.
This led her to the field of aesthetics where she became the Marketing Manager for one of the top aesthetic practices in the country. Prior to joining Corrective Skincare, Sarah also worked as a Brand Consultant with a focus on content creation, website design, and brand voice.
Sarah is driven by the belief that kindness, compassion, and education are empowering — especially when it comes to wellness and skin.
When she’s not on her laptop creating/crafting/writing, you can find her taking too many photos of her cat, singing showtunes to her labradoodle, or riding bikes with her husband.

Anisha Bartley
Front Office Concierge

Anisha was born in Florida, raised in Canada, and after a few years of travel she found her home in Los Angeles. Anisha has a Bachelors degree in psychology from USF and is currently attending a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master’s program. Anisha's passion is giving a voice to the youth of America and helping others feel beautiful inside and out. The client centered focus of CSLA definitely drew Anisha in and created the best of both worlds where she could invest in each clients skin journey and watch the impact it makes in their lives.


When she is not working, she loves a great karaoke night, arts and craft DIY’s, and doing photoshoots with her friends!

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