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One Chapter Ends, Another Begins

Corrective Skincare Los Angeles Acne Clinic
2 years ago!

Hi friends,

I hope this finds you all well, safe, and healthy at home.

I appreciate your patience as we've navigated through this pandemic over the last year.

With tons of love (and some significant construction), I moved and opened my new Encino office in February, EXACTLY TWO YEARS AGO.

I had such hopes that this new home would be a long-standing joy for myself, my team, and for those who sought clear skin in the valley for the last 24 years. "It'll be great", they said, "What could go wrong?!"

I have worked hard to keep things afloat with two locations while abiding by LA County regulations. While our skincare product line has kept both offices going all this time (we were able to grow our online sales by over 400% in 2020!) a mandatory closure for services 9 out of the last 11 months really took its toll.

After much thought and consideration, I’ve decided to close my Encino office.

This decision was very difficult and yet, so relieving. Being a small business owner in any realm is difficult, but much more so in today's economy, in LA County, during a Pandemic. AMIRIGHT?!

Corrective Skincare Los Angeles Acne and Facial Clinic

Our last day in Encino will be March 19th, 2021.

As deflating as this was to consider (especially after all of the team members, friendships, and connections I've made over the past 2+ decades!), this is an exciting move to something BETTER. Streamlining and simplifying...and more than that, a shift in my priorities.

Even with all the chaos and uncertainty, there have been some amazing silver linings. For one, we've had the time to refine our skincare line (you'll see soon!) and Virtual Consultations increased by over 700% and allowed us to reach further to help clear even more people than any brick and mortar ever could!

I'll continue to learn more ways to scale online support *and* improve my swim stroke.

One of them, I'm sure, will improve greatly.

So with that, thank you to the amazing employees and friends/clients I've grown to know as FAMILY in the valley over the last 24 years. I hope you take the 30-minute drive up the 405 to see us at our Santa Monica location.

You might also want to make a note in your calendar for our 25th year anniversary in August.

I have a good feeling we'll be celebrating. ;-)

Much love,

Jennifer Kramer

Things to note:

  • Corrective Skincare’s Encino location will close Saturday, March 20th, 2021.

  • Corrective Skincare’s Santa Monica location will remain open. All current services and appointment availability for this location can be found HERE.

  • All outstanding series or gift certificates for our Encino location will be honored in our Santa Monica location.

  • For clinic status and all further updates regarding Corrective Skincare as we navigate this transition please visit our website HERE.

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