A Unique Approach
To Healthy Skin
To Healthy Skin


facial treatments & skincare plans

Delivering confidence through clarity for over 20 years.



Clear, beautiful skin

doesn't have to be complicated.

Whether you struggle with




or aging skin,

our licensed & experienced Paramedical

Estheticians will create a plan that works for you.


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Meet our Founder &

Clinical Director

As a teenager, Jennifer Kramer 

struggled with acne and tried numerous treatments and products over the years.

Nothing cleared her skin.

Instead of giving up with frustration, 

Jennifer decided to dedicate her career to finding real treatments and products that delivered results. Through this dedication, Corrective Skincare was born.

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story here >

 Corrective Skincare specializes in 

acne-clearing and anti-aging facials,

paramedical extractions, chemical peels, as

well as back and chest treatments.


No matter your age or gender, skin is skin- and we're experts at it. 

Corrective Skincare's custom-formulated, clinical skincare products are made locally in Southern California in small batches to ensure efficacy and potency.


Our products are used during facial treatments and available for purchase.