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From a personal struggle with acne turned life mission, read more about Jennifer Kramer's 
journey to founding Corrective Skincare LA >

Jennifer Kramer, Founder & Clinical Director of Corrective Skincare LA, is a Paramedical Esthetician and board-certified skin specialist who understands how important one's skin is to his or her overall well-being. Jennifer dedicates herself every day to helping patients of all ages and backgrounds improve their skin and understand the process so that they can maintain clear skin at home.

Jennifer struggled with acne as a teen and through her early adult years and tried numerous treatments and products (including facials, dry ice therapy, topical medication, cortisone injections and Accutan​e​) — ​nothing cleared her skin. ​ After years of embarrassing failures and disappointing results, she knew there had to be another way.

At 18, Jennifer sought treatment at an acne clinic in Santa Barbara and finally began to see results with her skin. She loved the ​education and was so inspired by the confidence she felt having clearer skin, she joined the staff to learn more about their method. Two years later, ​she sought the world expert on acne and was selected for a highly-coveted apprenticeship with James E. Fulton, Jr. M.D., Ph.D — founder of "The Acne Research Institute" and co-inventor of Vitamin A Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide Gel, and topical Erythromycin. He had set the gold standard in acne treatment and Jennifer studied diligently. 

Adult receiving an acne facial
Jennifer Kramer giving a facial
mask application during facial

A Los Angeles native, Jennifer ​brought her expertise and higher level of specialized training back home with her. She devote​d​ the first three years of her career ​refining her skills further and specializing in treating acne, acne scarring, and discoloration in all skin types, with clients of all ethnic backgrounds.​ ​

In 1996, she opened Corrective Skincare as a solo practitioner in ​the San Fernando Valley, California. ​With the help of her compassionate, focused, and highly educated team of Paramedical Estheticians, Corrective Skincare expanded in 2013 and took over the skincare department at Skin by Lovely, a medical aesthetics practice in Los Angeles. In 2016, she moved out of Skin by Lovely to open a second private Corrective Skincare location in beautiful Santa Monica.

After operating dual clinics for over 5 years and experiecing a world-wide pandemic as a small business owner, Jennifer made the decision to close her Encino clinic in 2021.

She now works full-time out of Corrective Skincare's Santa Monica clinic.

Corrective Skincare Santa Monica
Jennifer Kramer
Corrective Skincare treatment room

Jennifer is known for her warmth and her ability to connect on a personal level with each and every client. Corrective Skincare addresses an individual’s unique skin problems and doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to facials. The clinic's treatments are therapeutic, goal-oriented, and include an ongoing treatment plan to take home with you. 


This isn't your basic relaxation facial. Corrective Skincare provides in-office procedures and home care plans that focus on your specific skin care concerns and provide long-term solutions without the mumbo-jumbo and upsell you might find at a pricey spa or salon. 


Jennifer has been working with the same chemist for over 25 years and together, they have developed a popular line of skincare products, CSLA Skincare, including the best-selling Benzoyl Peroxide Gel, pHresh Face Correction Pads, and Hyaluronic Moisturizer.

Corrective Skincare LA products
Corrective Skincare LA products
Corrective Skincare LA chemical peels
Corrective Skincare LA products

Jennifer is a contributor for The Huffington Post, was voted Best Cosmetics and Skincare in Los Angeles by CBS LA, and is ranked as the number one for Best Facial in the LA HotList.


Jennifer enjoys swimming, biking, and running and prefers to buy experiences over things.

She considers herself open-minded and finds joy in sitting peacefully and moving slower.

Though, she admits, it's a work in progress. She lives in Santa Monica, CA. 

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