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Coachella. Forget About Your Skin.

Heading to Coachella in April? Dubfire, Kaskade, Hozier, and the rest of the groovy lineup will be waiting for you. CHYEAH MAN!!! Food trucks are offering vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options. Or grab the lobster quesadilla at Cousins Main Lobster Truck assuming you can get past the high cheese to lobster ratio. The three day weekend provides amazing climate but the hot desert sun can certainly make keeping your skin clear and protected more difficult.

You’ve got a couple of months to clear before you go. Get on it. We can help. And *once you are there*, forget about your skin and have a blast. Reason? Your natural routine of washing and home care wont be the same there, anyway. BUT. These things will naturally help:

1) Eat very little (ie: eat cleaner)- You’ll be distracted by the music. You’ll endorphins will be going. You’ll dance. It’ll be hot. It’ll be cold. You wont care about food. Besides, it’s really expensive at the food trucks anyway. Another option: bring your own clean and healthy food.

2) Drink tons of H20- To stay hydrated in the desert, you’ll want to down at least 8-10 bottles of water each day. You’ll need it to replenish after all that dancing and help flush whatever salt is in that food you’re barely eating. Great way to clean out your body of toxins.

3) Hair off your face- Pull your hair up in a hip little pony tail after the sweating starts. Make sure everyone sees your perfect DryBar blowout on day one, of course.

4) No make-up- Part of Coachella is losing yourself in life and being one with nature. Get rid of your mirrors and, instead, concentrate on how you feel rather than how you look. Wash your face often and when you do, wash it twice*. Your 2nd cleanse is going to actually wash your skin once all the sweat and oil is off.

5) Vitamin Sunshine- While the benefits of Vitamin D help contribute to skin cell growth, repair, and metabolism, too much sun exposure can lead to wrinkles, sun spots, and increase your risk of skin cancer. Don’t just put on your sunscreen, REAPPLY IT every 1-2 hours. Use an oil free, sweat-friendly SPF that wont leave you feeling greasy*. Use a powder SPF if you want. It doesn’t matter as long as you reapply it. While you’re at it, grab a parasol to protect yourself. Hahahaa. OK. Totally kidding. I just wanted to type the word parasol in this blog. But I’m not kidding about reapplying the SPF. That part is true.

6) Be happy- Dancing, smiling, breathing fresh air, sun…all release stress.

So that’s it in a nutshell. Pull up those high wasted cut off shorts, throw on one of those huge cool-girl hats (I hear they are mandatory), apply your lip balm with SPF*, and don’t worry so much about your skin while you are there. Stress is the number 2 reason you break out anyway. BOOSH! Oh. And while Coachella has Breast Pumping Stations now, leave your medical marijuana card at home. Apparently, according to the Coachella website, “not valid there, bro.”

Corrective Skincare Festival Tips

*For a cleanser, spf, and lip balm we’d recommend CLICK HERE or call us at 818.981.6130.

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