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Why You Should Ice Your Skin

Icing your skin is the most amazing thing you can do and IT’S FREE!

We recommend taking an ice cube or one of our ice cups (retail for $11.00 on our online store HERE) and moving it around your skin for 20-30 seconds on a clean face. Remember to keep it moving as ice can burn just as heat does.

  1. Ice preserves your skin. (Just like you’d put meat in a freezer to preserve it.)

  2. Ice helps take down inflammation (red, inflamed, cystic acne) which will help heal acne faster and make acne less painful. (think of how icing helps a sports injury, its does the same thing for your skin.)

  3. Icing is a homeopathic way of exfoliating your skin because it is freezing the top layer of your skin.

  4. Ice helps with product penetration. The best way to explain how this works is to think of your skin as a sponge. Put soap on a dry sponge- it doesn’t do anything but sit on the surface. Now think of the sponge after you’ve wet the sponge, it become easier for the soap to do its job and seep into the sponge. Its the same concept with your skin and any products your apply to your skin after icing.

An added benefit to icing is it can help with under eye puffiness! I recommend my patients to Ice morning and night after cleansing and before applying products. Our convenient ice cups cover a bigger surface area of the skin and keep your hands from getting too cold when holding the ice!

Kirstie Reese, PME Corrective Skincare SaMo

310-566-0898 Santa Monica

818-981-6130 Encino

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