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Q&A with Jennifer Kramer P.M.E.

  1. QUESTION: How often should I reapply sunscreen throughout the day?

    1. ANSWER: Sunscreen should be applied 20 minutes before going outdoors, and reapplied every 1-2 hours.

  2. QUESTION: When should someone start using Retinol? What kind should I use?

    1. ANSWER: There is no hard answer to this, as everyone has different skin, genetics, lifestyle, etc. Vitamin A helps stimulate new cell growth, so anyone working on anti-aging (as long as their skin can handle it) can start anytime. It will also help to brighten and help with texture. Why type of Retinol, how much to use, & how often depends on the person. For more specific direction on YOUR skin, reach out to us! We can help!

  3. QUESTION: How to treat and prevent milia around the eyes?

    1. ANSWER: There is not much you can do to prevent milia, and they may not go away on their own. You might get milia from sun exposure, genetics, skin damage, or autoimmune skin disorders. They can be gently removed/extracted by a dermatologist. We highly recommend Dr. Sonia Batra in Santa Monica.

  4. QUESTION: Do blackheads go away on their own without extractions?

    1. ANSWER: There's a good chance that blackheads will potentially go away on their own if you medicate properly to detach superficial dead skin cells. This will allow the blackhead to come closer to the surface of the skin on its own. It is important to use an acne medication like Benzoyl Peroxide or Sulfur to prevent further breakouts and solidify the core so that it can rise closer to the surface. The thing you can't control is the potential scarring that the blackhead might create, depending on its size, how long it's been there, your genetics, etc. Medicating well and getting facial treatments from a skilled esthetician should help you avoid both of those from happening.

  5. QUESTION: Should I use Hydroquinone for hyperpigmentation?

    1. ANSWER: Melanin is produced naturally in the body, so it is unrealistic to say that it's a "cure" for pigmentation. However, skincare products can be used to inhibit melanin production. Some of these topical products include Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, and licorice root. Pair that in combo with an acid, and you'll get results much faster! Why? The more detaching of superficial dead skin from the use of an acid, the less skin your lightener has to go through, creating a much more effective treatment.

  6. QUESTION: What are pregnancy-safe alternatives to Benzoyl Peroxide?

    1. ANSWER: For pregnancy-safe acne prevention, you can use either Benzoyl Peroxide or Sulfur (our Peeling Lotion) or a gentle, unbuffered clean Glycolic Acid. That also depends on what you and your doctor feel comfortable with.

- Jennifer Kramer P.M.E.

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