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Dermalinfusion vs. Hydrafacial

What's awesome about Corrective Skincare is our ability to focus; we are good at ONE THING...getting great results with your skin.

Last year when we chose to invest in a service that would provide "Event-Ready" skin, we had the option of a Hydrafacial or a Dermalinfusion machine. Both technologies provide immediate results, long range anti-aging benefits, and are used to simultaneously extract, exfoliate, and infuse condition specific serums into the skin. Both also have a "waste jar" that at the end of the service now holds the dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and debris that were once trapped within the skin. After having meetings with both companies, the option was clear. The Dermalinfusion machine was more in line with Corrective Skincare's branding and purpose.

Here's why:

  • While Hydrafacial has the name and exciting flair, much of how they represented themselves is exactly what irks me within the skincare field. We were given insight..."You can earn $X dollars within a few months!"..."Kylie Jenner get them all the time!"..."This is far superior, the marketing and promotions are insane...!" When Dermalinfusion came in, we were also given insight..."We have clinical studies that show..."..."the lightening serum comes from Harvard"..."There is a 70% increased hydration at least up to 3 days, based on a punch biopsy study by Dr. Moie, etc...

  • There is enough serum in the Hydrafacial bottles that can treat 3-6 people. Dermalinfusion- one bottle, one person. Easy!

  • Hydrafacial has tons of add--ons and boosters for an up-sell, computer screen, blingy shiny lights...Dermalinfusion is one simple quality service with 4 choices of serum. Boom. Done. Corrective Skincare has never been about the 'fluff'.

Dermalinfusion Facial Corrective Skincare LA

Please don't is not better than the other. Both are great! Having been on both ends of the game - as a consumer who once struggled with acne AND now as the owner of a skin care clinic, I've come to realize that TRUST matters. Our type of client is one who chooses to get the BEST TREATMENT FOR THEIR SKIN regardless of the name of the machine you choose to treat the condition.

Added bonus: We have custom-formulated, clinical skincare products are made locally in Southern California in small batches to ensure efficacy and potency to extend the results of your service even further! When you're ready for a skin resurfacing treatment that simultaneously exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, while it applies serums to treat specific skin conditions, reach out us and we'll custom tailor the Dermalinfusion service for YOUR needs with focus and integrity.

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