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New Year's Resolutions- Acne Edition

01- Less Picking. More Icing.

Picking your skin can cause further irritation, damage the skin, cause scarring, and spread bacteria. Ew.

Ice brings down redness and inflammation, 'freezes' the top layer of skin (aka exfoliation) to help your medicated skincare penetrate better, and helps fine lines and wrinkles by tightening the skin!

02- Wash that pillowcase.

At least once a week.

Pillows and sheets accumulate build-up from hair and skincare products.

Also, clean sheets just *feel* better, right??

03- Double-cleanse. (as needed)

If you wear makeup, use a cleanser to wash the makeup off.

Then, wash your face. (This means you'll end up washing your face twice.)

04- Watch your salt intake.

Consume less salt- specifically iodized salt.

Myth: chocolate, dairy, and greasy foods cause acne.

Truth: Cows have salt licks like horses do, as part of their dietary needs. This salt (the real acne culprit) is passed along to the dairy we eat. Dairy is found in many things, including chocolate. Greasy and fried foods (french fries, pizza, chips, etc.) almost always have large amounts of salt added as well. Ease up on the salt and hydrate!

05- Check your product expiration dates.

Any medicated skincare product will start to lose potency after ~4 months, so be sure to check all expiration dates!

Check out our Virtual Consultations to ensure you're using the correct home-care product for your skin.

06- Be kind to yourself- always.

Let's have 2021 be the year of radical self-acceptance, shall we??

You are human. Your skin will have bad days (and better days). You are beautiful. YA HEAR US??

The number one reason people break out is genetics. The second is stress.

So best not to add to that stress by being mean to yourself. 😘

Happy New Year!

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