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Anti-Aging. I'm Calling Bulls**t.

Anti-Aging…NO. Prevention of Premature Aging…YES.

Society has put this pressure on us to look and act a certain way but if you aren’t happy and peaceful on the inside, the outside world won’t make any difference. You’ll find all sorts of Anti-Aging marketing ploys out there but the truth is this: THERE IS NO SUCH THING. You can’t be “against” aging. Getting. Older. Happens.

How many times have you looked at a photo of yourself from 5 years ago and thought, “Dang, I looked great back then!” only to remember that, back then, you didn’t feel that way? It’s likely you’ll do the same thing in another 5 years when you look back at today. Change your mind-set. Right now is the best you’ll ever look- appreciate it!

It’s a lot easier said than done (trust me, I know) but fighting the process of aging is a sad waste of time. I’d rather reassess and embrace the process while using common sense to help prevent PREMATURE aging. It’s all about being healthy: body and mind. I may not have the glow like I did when I was 24, but I stand more confident, have a surer gaze, feel more powerful and am more grounded than I ever have been. That’s a hell of lot more sexy and I’ll take it.

***Call us and we’ll explain what leads to fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, etc. and more importantly, how to slow down the inevitable. Educating yourself will save you time, effort, and money!*** 818.981.6130

And if you can come up with a less wordy way to say “Prevention of Premature Aging” to describe my treatment, I’m listening ;-p (Photo via HuffingtonPost)

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