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The 3 P's.

Suzanne Tarakjian at our Encino location has a saying that I just LOVE & I need to share! When it comes to acne treatment it’s important for clients to know the three P’s! They are:


Most clients with acne have a problem leaving their skin alone. I know, I was a picker too! But, THIS IS IMPORTANT! Listen to your Esthetician when we tell you DO NOT PICK.

The pores on your face are at an angle (not just one angle, different angles in different areas of the face) and when you try to extract your own pimple you are probably not pushing in the right direction. Even as an Esthetician, I do NOT do my own extractions. A few things can happen when you go for a pimple, you may cause the pimple to implode and actually go deeper into the skin causing a bigger, more painful pimple. You may spread the bacteria and cause more acne flare ups. You may leave a scar. Or, you may not get the “core” of the pimple out resulting in the pimple coming back.

Have you ever noticed that when you pick, or pop a pimple you’re left with a red mark on your skin called post inflammatory pigmentation that lasts a long time? Yes, you know that red spot on your face screaming at your esthetician “SHE PICKED ME!”- that one. The red mark actually lasts longer than the pimple! If you had just left that pimple alone, chances are the post inflammatory red mark wouldn’t still be there.

Did you know the darker your skin, the more melanin that you have and the more risk you have of the post inflammatory pigmentation turning from red to brown dark spot? No bueno! That’s a whole other post.

Now that you know why you shouldn’t pick, pop, pinch or push, here is what your *should* do! Leave the pimples alone, wash your face in the dark if you must to prevent the temptation, follow your homecare routine diligently, and don’t skip your facial appointments. If your esthetician cannot fit you in for an extraction appointment and you have done EVERYTHING (Icing, topical medication, etc) but you absolutely MUST get this pimple then I ask that you wait until the very last day before you go for it! The longer you wait, the more ready the pimple will be. Remember that “core” I was talking about? When a pimple is ready the core solidifies and should come out easily.

Before you pick, ask yourself “is popping this pimple is worth it?” Is it worth possibly getting a scar that could stay for the rest of your life? Or having post inflammatory pigmentation? Is it really worth it?

Put those fingers down,


step away from the mirror.

If you have any questions, let me know! I’d love to help you clear! Kirstie Reese, M.E. CSLA SaMo 310-566-0858

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