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Regimen is Everything

80% of having clear skin is what you do at home. At Corrective Skincare, a major part of my role as a Para-Medical Esthetician is to manage my clients expectations. I truly believe in working WITH my clients, by educating them and passing on my knowledge as this will help ensure they achieve their goal of having clear skin. Regular facial treatments are great to give your skin a deep cleaning but if you aren’t following your regime at home, you can never expect to have healthy, clear skin.

So what is a regime? Corrective Skincare regimes are prescribed by your Esthetician based on your specific needs. It is then discussed verbally and confirmed in writing so that you can refer back to it. We select the best individualized routine for you based on your skin type, what products work together, based on your goals. Skin can become complacent quickly though, so it is essential to change your routine regularly to keep it ‘guessing’ and continually changing and improving. Once you hit your goal, you hit maintenance mode and slow down.

Advanced Regimes: Depending on your skin concerns, we can also further enhance your regime by adding a light or heavy chemical peel- great for scarring, discoloration, dull and aging skin. These will accelerate the process. Call us if you have any questions or if you’d like us to update your current homecare for faster results! 818.981.6130 Encino 424.280.4591 Santa Monica

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