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5 Tips to Reduce Post-Workout Acne

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Home workouts causing breakouts?

While exercising has amazing effects on our mental and physical health, it can create a prime environment for bacteria and oil accumulation.

CSLA's 5 tips to prevent acne breakouts from exercise:

1 - Reduce skin irritants: 🧼

Wear clean, breathable workout clothing and consider switching to a fragrance-free detergent.

2 - Start with clean skin: ✨

Avoid wearing makeup during your workout. Exercising outdoors? We recommend cleansing then applying SPF 30+ before heading outside.

3 - Don't touch your face: 🙅‍♀️

Don't use a dirty towel to wipe your face/body during your workout. This can irritate existing acne + introduce additional bacteria to your skin.

4 - Shower almost immediately after: 🚿

Once your workout is done, hydrate 🚰, then hop in the shower.

Our Facial Shampoos are perfect for cleansing the face as well as the chest and back.

5 - Ice! 🧊

If your skin can tolerate it, we recommend quickly icing your skin (anywhere you experience breakouts) after cleansing.

Just remember to keep the ice moving as it can burn just as heat does.

Icing will help reduce skin inflammation, encourage gentle exfoliation, and will feel really refreshing after a workout!

Still experiencing breakouts?

Our team can help you achieve clear skin without skipping a workout!

Schedule a Virtual Consultation and get your own personalized skincare plan.

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