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Corrective Skincare Bundle Program

Corrective Skincare LA is excited to announce the addition of our new Skincare Bundle Program!

Our custom-designed Bundle options complement our Virtual Consultations, ensuring professional-grade outcomes in the comfort of your home. Ideal for newcomers residing outside our area AND ALSO for individuals on a program seeking an extra boost to kickstart their skincare journey!

Currently, we are offering 3 Acne, 1 Anti-Aging, and 1 Skin-Brightening Bundle to choose from depending on your skin goals.

Looking to clear your skin? Check out Acne Bundles 1-3.

Fine lines & wrinkles popping up? The Anti-Aging Bundle is for you!

If you’re dealing with pesky discoloration or are looking to even out your complexion, our Skin-Brightening Bundle has you covered.

Benefits of Corrective Skincare LA Skincare Bundle Program:

  • Convenient, professional at-home skincare routines.

  • 20% bundle savings off normal retail price.

  • No “fluff” products. Only the essentials to achieve real results.

  • Professional guidance from Corrective Skincare LA Estheticians.

  • Three bundles tailored specifically for acne-prone skin.

  • Anti-aging bundle is also suitable for sensitive skin types.

  • Skin-Brightening Bundle also tackles stubborn facial scarring.

Targeted Skincare Bundles for Acne, Anti-Aging, and Skin Discoloration

Not in Southern California? No problem!

Our Bundle Program is designed for anyone looking for a targeted skincare program without a clinic visit.

All bundles include one Virtual Consultations, before & after photo tracking, personalized home-care instructions, skincare tips/tricks, products, one free SPF lip balm, taxes, and free shipping.

Products within each bundle can not be mixed or matched with products outside of the bundle and are up to you and your Corrective Skincare Esthetician's discretion.

Get started with your new skin routine today! Select and purchase your bundle:


*Skincare Bundle Programs are only available in conjunction with Virtual Consultations and are not available for in-clinic purchase.

Once purchased a Corrective Skincare LA team member will be in touch via email to set up your Virtual Consultation.

All products within bundles will last 4+ months.

Medicated products last 4 months before losing potency, others will continue to work.

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