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Did you know we LOVE helping teenagers clear thier skin? With school starting back up soon, NOW is a perfect time to get them into a skincare routine! For the month of August, get a 1oz cleanser of your choice when you book a teen treatment! Our special Teen Treatment consists of two parts.


We teach the importance of keeping the skin clean, what acne is, acne triggers, fact vs fiction (ie: myths), eating right, importance of SPF, a treatment plan created specifically for them along with a hands-on demonstration of how to correctly wash the skin and how to apply products correctly.


Cleanse, natural custom exfoliation, gentle extraction, a cooling peel-off mask and finishes with product application.

This 60 minute treatment offers teens guidance on how to take better care of their skin. We give the facts and a variety of realistic options to help your teenager (as young as 9 or 10!) eliminate breakouts and prevent them entirely. We help them WANT this for themselves...moms can only do so much ;-)

Dane Miller, Corrective Skincare

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