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A Secret-Service Menu at Corrective Skincare

Just like In-N-Out has their secret menu, Corrective Skincare does too! Although back facials are not on our treatment list, it is a great service that we offer. Let me explain the wonderful world of back facials!

Back Facials are for people who suffer from back-acne, a.k.a backne (yes, this is a real thing)! Back Facials are not as common as they should be, because most of us suffer from back-acne at some point in our lives. Just like acne on your face, it’s important to treat the back area because it can scar. The main causes of acne still apply to back-acne which are Hormones, Genetics and Stress but there’s one more and it’s known as Acne Mechanica. Acne Mechanica is defined as acne that is triggered by excessive heat, friction, pressure or rubbing of this skin. This type of acne is commonly found in athletes, teens, soldiers, or those with tight clothing that traps the heat in, like sports bras or workout gear.

An important thing to remember is DO NOT SCRUB your back. The friction from scrubbing the area can make the acne worse and spread the bacteria. Wearing breathable fabrics such as cotton to avoid trapping the heat inside when working out, playing sports, etc is helpful. Of course, this is not always possible so my next suggestion is to shower and cleanse the area right after these activities.

These treatments are one of my favorite things to do! After you’ve changed and laid face-down to expose your back, your CS esthetician will cleanse the area, use a 30% Glycolic acid, do extractions, use a mask specific for your skins needs, moisturize & apply SPF. During the treatment we’ll talk to you about tips to keep your back clear and show you how to cleanse and apply the recommended medication to your back area. Sometimes it’s helpful to have someone else help you reach back there BUT with a little effort this is an achievable solo-task! Trust me, I’ll show you! (Don’t laugh- this brings me back to the elementary school fitness test!)

With a Back Facial treatment at Corrective Skincare, we can help you achieve bikini-worthy clear skin just in time for summer! Call to book an appointment 310.566.0858 (Santa Monica) or 818.981.6130 (Encino). We look forward to seeing you!

Please Note: This blog article is based on a “full treatment” but half treatments and peels for the back acne are also available for existing clients of Corrective Skincare. Please talk to your CS esthetician to find out which treatment is best for you.

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