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How Long Will It Take To Clear My Acne?

This is a question that I am asked in almost every treatment and the truth is: I don’t know. I imagine this is a shocking response. Shouldn’t this be an easy answer?

Hear me out. There are so many factors that play into what’s causing your acne that may take some time to figure out and address. For example, I may notice that your left cheek has more break-outs than your right side. It could just be from sleeping on the left side, not changing your pillowcase often enough, resting your hands on your face during work/class or possibly your cell/work phone pressing against the cheek area. Another example: you have more break-outs in the hairline/forehead area. This is common when you’re not rinsing off your cleanser enough or from working out and allowing the sweat to sit on the forehead/hairline area.

Clearing acne is 80% the patient’s responsibility and 20% the Esthetician. As an Esthetician, I can only guide you on what home-care products to use (when, where, why and how) but it is up to the patient it use them properly and consistently. Everyone has different skin and everyone’s skin reacts differently to treatment and home-care products. What works for me, may not work the same way for you or for your best friend. Or for your neighbor. It’s about lifestyle habits and there are so many variables to this. The more diligent you are at home, the faster you’ll get your results.

For this reason, it could take a few weeks or a few months clear. That said, it’s possible! With regular skincare treatments, peels, a consistent home-care routine and a CAN-DO attitude, Corrective Skincare can help you achieve Confidence through Clarity!

Take the first step to clear skin by making an appointment at one of our locations:

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