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Sweaty Betty

Sweat doesn’t cause acne, however if you are prone to acne or occasional break outs, sweat will aggravate your skin and may make it worse!

Letting sweat sit on your skin for any prolonged length of time could be problematic. Sweat carries toxins, oil, dirt and make up (built up in your pores) and if it settles back into your skin, it could cause further breakouts.

Wash your face before exercise so it is clean of oil, dirt and makeup. Don’t be that person working out with a full face of heavy make-up, as your pores will clog before you even start! That said, I do understand this is easier said than done, especially for those suffering with heavy acne. If you simply can’t bear to workout with no makeup, apply some light mineral powder, as this is less likely to break you out.

After your workout (and I mean literally after you drop those weights!) go and wash your face! The sooner you wash the sweat of your face, the clearer your skin will be! FACT!!

For those of you who breakout on other areas of your body (back or chest) the same rules apply. Keep the skin as clean as you can and shower immediately after finishing anything that causes you to perspire. Try to wear loose fitting clothes, made of cotton or natural fiber, so that your skin can breathe. Synthetic fabrics tend to hold moisture in and may make the problem worse. Always be sure to wash clothes and headbands every time you sweat and wipe down yoga mats with alcohol to remove any sweat or oil.

Happy Sweating 🙂

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